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Tim J

Tim Joel

Private Investigator / Qualified Manager / Cybersecurity Investigator

San Diego, California

Tim served in the FBI for 20 years, working in various fields of investigation.  Tim’s expertise lies in money laundering and criminal investigation. He also has experience in counter-intelligence, as well as counter-terrorism investigations.  Prior to the FBI, Tim was an United States Naval Officer for over ten years and has extensive overseas experience, especially in the East Asia regions, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, as well as Australia.  Tim graduated from Harvard University and his background and expertise lie in East Asian affairs and education.  Tim speaks fluent Korean and Japanese, having been tested and qualified in both languages at the Federal Government level.

Kevin Griffin.jpg

Kevin Griffin

Private Investigator / Cybersecurity Investigator

Los Angeles, California

Kevin retired  as an FBI agent with 20 years of experience investigating criminal enterprises including international drug traffickers, terrorism and public corruption. Kevin managed investigation into public corruption in Broward County, Florida which led to conviction of multiple elected officials deemed by local media as the largest public corruption scandal in Broward County history.  He was subsequently awarded the FBI Meritorious Achievement Medal for actions taken during the kidnapping attempt by a Colombian Drug Trafficking Organization.  Kevin graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and served as an Air Force officer attaining the rank of Captain. Kevin is a licensed Private Investigator Qualified Manager in California. 

John 2

John Case

Legal Counsel / Attorney

San Diego, California

John joined Crimson Consulting as Legal Counsel and as an attorney to oversee all legal aspects of cases and consulting.  John is a licensed attorney in California. John graduated from University of California, San Diego, with a BA in Communication, and completed his legal studies at the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law where he earned a Juris Doctor degree in 2008.  John is expert on legal process involving money transfers, real estate transaction, and small businesses licensing. 


Will Dixion

Private Investigator

Phoenix, Arizona

Will is a former FBI Special Agent, having to served more than 20 years on various investigations, including criminal enterprise and national security investigations.  During his career, Will has achieved some notable investigations that has resulted in great successes.  Will resides and work in Arizona area and will work together in all aspects of Crimson matters and investigations in California.  

Beaubien (55).jpg

John Beaubien

Private Investigator 

Phoenix, Arizona


John comes to Crimson as a private investigator.  John graduated from Arizona State University in Finance.  John has extensive financial background working for 20 years in the banking/finance industry for companies like General Electric Capital Corporation and JP Morgan Chase  John excels in record searches, and his expertise is in database management.  John serve as a Private Investigator under Qualified Manager licensee. 

Jim Soriano_edited.jpg

James Soriano

Cybersecurity Private Investigator 

Las Vegas, Nevada

James Soriano comes to Crimson CI as a cybersecurity and forensic investigation specialist. James has the qualifications, credentials, and expertise to contribute meaningfully as a  DevOps (Security+, CEH, and Splunk Core User) program trained investigator conducting vulnerability assessment and penetration cybersecurity investigations. James' competencies include: program management, test and evaluation, systems engineering in support of enterprise networks and anti-hacking investigations.

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