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  Our Private Investigators are former FBI Special Agents:

  • As such, we are qualified and licensed investigators, ready to provide an effective and safe Protection Detail. 


Personnel Protection & Transportation Service:


  • Crimson provides a Special Protection Detail for VIPs during their visits to USA.  We transport our guest in a specially armored Cadillac Escalade SUV forming a protected environment to their destinations.  

  • Crimson agents will “discreetly” pick up our VIP guests from any airports and/or hotels, and transport them safety to their destinations

  • Crimson provides our VIP guests with Crimson-owned and operated “safe house” for lodging.  We also provide armed security detail for total privacy and security. (Contact us for more information on this program).








Security and Safety Consultation and Advisement:


  • Crimson provides legal services for overseas guests/visitors who encounter any legal issues with the police and/or with the law during their stay in the USA.  Crimson has Korean, Japanese, and Chinese-speaking employees on-hand to assist with any legal matters.


  • Crimson can serve as your local legal representation in the event of an emergency for any unexpected encounter with the local laws during the visit to the USA.


  • Crimson can address safety and security related concerns and questions during visit and stay in the USA, including all visa and immigration issues and matters.

Background Investigation and Personnel Location:


  • Crimson conducts personnel background checks, including education, work experience, and asset verification.

  • Crimson can verify company/corporation background, asset and contract verification, and authorizations.

Property and Asset Protection:


  • Crimson provides consultation in asset protection and overseas asset transfers.

  • Crimson conducts background checks and other verification for international business dealings in order to prevent fraudulent transactions.

  • Crimson assists in permanent resident visa applications, utilizing its own in-house attorneys, and assists in facilitating their applications through the Immigration and Naturalization Services (see also our EB-5 Program in the website).

Crimson SUV - Cadillac Escalade EVS


Former FBI Special Agents with years of field investigative experiences came together to form this company.  Our purpose is to provide a quality and an effective investigatory solution to our clients.  

  1. Personnel Location & Background Checks

  2. Personnel Security & Premise  Protection

  3. Corporate Security & Investigation

  4. Crisis Management Assessment & Protection

  5. Asset Assessment & Protection

  6. Asset Transfer Assistance


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